Air Quality Competition Details

Everything you should need to compete/work in the competition should be listed on this page if we are missing something please let us know.

What is the Competition?

Utah Geek Events and the local user groups (, Slc SQL , Big Data Utah) came together to create a competition to improve and provide insights into Utah’s Air Quality. We spent the last 2 months learning/training on data technologies, collecting data and finding sources of data. It is now time to kick off the competition phase of this event. We have outlined below all the information you should need about the competition.

Goals of the Competition

  1. To Build the Community
  2. To Improve of Provide Insights into the Air Quality of Utah


  1. Teams must have 5 members. We suggest 5-10 and encourage you have at least one “newbie”
  2. All Code must be open source/All Data must be “Open” the data and the code will need to be published at the end of the event. The open CivicData site will be used to house the completed data.
  3. Must have a focus on Utah’s Air Quality
  4. House Team Organizers Ineligible for Grand Prize
  5. Must be present at Big Mountain Data Conference to win. (At least 1 member, if you need a member in Utah, please let us know.)
  6. Any and All technologies are welcome

Evaluation Criteria

  1. The Result is the Most Important Factor
  2. Points for Presentation
  3. Effective Communication

Important Dates

  1. August 20th – Rules / Details Announced
  2. August 26th – Charter or Goal “turned in”/Team Members Registered
  3. September 13th – Hack-a-Thon / Mixer
  4. September 24th – Presentation Drafts Due
  5. October 1st – Final Presentations Due
  6. October 6th – 10th – Judges Review
  7. October 13th – 17th – Present to Judges
  8. Results / Prizes Announced 10/25 @ the Big Mountain Data Conference

How to Register/Sign Up

Fill out this form. Form

If you don’t know your Team yet put “looking”

For skills you can say things like Program Manager/Data scientist/Newbie with a background in programming

For Charter you can put a simple goal/idea of what you are looking to do in the Air Quality Competition. You can also get ideas from these public submissions. Public Responses


Amounts/Prize’s TBA

Grand Prize



Resources Available

  1. Identified data sets to work with: Jira ticket list
  2. Data Sets Already completed on CivicData: Civic Data Site
  3. Advisory Board: Uhug Google Group for questions
  4. List of Abstracts submitted by the Big Data Community Abstract Submissions
  5. List of answers from the community/public survey Public Responses
  6. Supermicro Cluster – Storage and Compute (Trace 3 & Supermicro) Coming soon
  7. AWS access (Cloudera) Coming soon
  8. Any other data sets you can find and work with.